Youth Alive has come home!

That’s exactly what happens in a YA-HOO Carecell. Every Saturday, more than 600 youth attend Youth Alive, but hardly get a chance to interact with one another and grow in fellowship with God. But in YA-HOO, we downsize Youth Alive, customize it and bring it home. YA-HOO brings young people together in an informal setting which facilitates nurturing and fellowship. Carrying the vision of a growing Church, the Youth Alive Carecells operate out of residences in strategic locations in the twin cities. The meetings are held in a very relaxed setup to equip and strengthen people on a personal level. The cell leaders are active YA volunteers who are trained and committed to serve in this ministry.

What happens in YA-HOO?

After fun and games, we dive into God’s Word and learn something new each time through group discussions, fun activities and so on. We then pray for our needs. Snack time follows (sometimes dinner too!). Lifetime friends are made at YA-HOO who help you while you walk, stumble, crawl back, and are with you every step of the way as you grow in the image of God. In short, YA-HOO is YA Café – where the youth get to hang out together to make friends and become a friend of God.

What can I expect from YA-HOO?
  • To make new friends
  • Eat old snacks (We’re getting better though)
  • Fresh revelation from God’s Word
  • You’ll find yourself growing!
When is it held?

YA-HOO meets on the first and third Thursday every month.

How can I join YA-HOO?

Click on the link at the bottom of this page for details of YA-HOO leaders along with the places they operate from. Just call up our leaders and they’ll direct you to our nearest Carecell. That simple.

Why is it called YA-HOO?

Not because we all have Yahoo id’s, but because it is YA-HOO – fun and excitement in a homely envo. You can sing, jump, discuss, make friends, debate, argue – just YA-HOO.