Our Vision


To be Mission Oriented


Aim for Growth


Establish Leadership


Provide Training

The goal of Youth Alive is to help young people discover three things:

Youth Alive – It’s vision

A city on a hill…. Yeah, that’s what we wanna be! 

What does that mean though? Read on…

Every one is worthy of love and respect. Often while trying to live a life that is worthy of human approval and getting ahead in the rat race, love and respect are forgotten.  Here at Youth Alive that is exactly what you experience! Love and respect! We don’t judge you, no matter what race, color, creed or social echelon you hail from, you are treated as an equal, just as God created and intended all of us to be.  We help each other to see the world for what it is. A beautiful creation of God that deserves to know His love, experience it and embrace it. By doing this we believe, we discover ourselves, God and the very purpose of our lives.

So what exactly do we aim to do? We have fun while learning from one another the tips and tricks to succeed in life without compromising our integrity and scruples. We are interested in building you inside out to encourage you to excel and be a champion in whatever you do. Be it in any of the various sectors like Education, Business, Music, Arts & Entertainment, Family, Government & Politics, Media. So, if you would like to learn to live a life worthy of Love and Respect, make lasting friendships, make a difference in this city by helping those struggling with various addictions overcome them, join hands with us as we do with Jesus to fulfill His desire for Youth Alive in becoming a lighthouse to those seeking help to restore beauty to the ashes!