We at Youth Alive are a crazy bunch of people who want to see the world become a better place. We choose to never get tired in doing whatever it takes to see this happen. Of course, our biggest strength, undeniably, being Jesus, through whom we believe ALL things are possible and to put it even better, we trust that the end to all addictions is found at the foot of the cross.

So yeah, you guessed it quite right! We’re passionate about helping young people become all that they can be by helping them get rid of addictions, aim right, stay focused and finally watch them fly way high!

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been up to lately…

Must say it’s been an exciting journey so far, organizing events at our home base, as well as, in and around the city to raise awareness on various social issues, reaching out to the poor and underprivileged and giving youngsters a reason to live life kingsize, the way it was meant to be.

Save a girl child! – Splash: Summer for Jesus, May 2016

Conducted an awareness program on Female foeticide throughout the city by walking around the city using placards and shouting out slogans. We later had the privilege of being interviewed by TV9 as to why we do what we do.

Suicide is not the answer! – Break Out: August 15th 2016

Encouraged young people to simply find help to cope with pressure, instead of just giving in to it. Shared a helpline number for people to call a panel of counselors who would counsel them and give them practical tips on how to cope with pressure and pray with them.

Say no to drugs! – Summer for Jesus, May 2017

Campaigned at various traffic signals in the twin cities and did an awareness program at the Secunderabad Railway station in association with Cyberabad Police; Promotion via Radio Mirchi was a great help too!

Anti-drug campaign – Chakde: August 15th 2017

With the incredible chain reaction which is now being seen and felt all over the city of Hyderabad as the city police have started cracking down on all forms of drug peddling and abuse, we felt the need to continue with our anti-drug campaign and this led us to conduct inter college competitions based on the same theme, where close to 1500 students came to participate to further create awareness on drugs, the consequences thereof, and how to stay away from it.

So how do we do this?

Lovers of art and music that we are, we make the best use of these skills to reach out to young people by ways of musical dramas and skits. Not just that, we also conduct workshops in different schools and colleges to train and equip students, challenging them to make an impact in their own spheres of life.

Also, as part of our compassion ministry, we’ve adopted a Govt. school so as to support them, to meet their needs in whatever best way we can.

Last but not the least, we kneel in prayer before we even move a muscle, surrendering it all, Yes, so He gets all the glory!!!

Our coordinator, Milton Raj’s passion is to promote clean and healthy living among the youth, hence making every effort to impact the city and reach out to the youth of the city until we make a difference!

So, what are you waiting for? Come swing by Millennium Gardens, Secunderabad, and join the revolution!

See ya’ll this Saturday @ 6.30 pm!