Someone loves you to bits!!!

Have you ever wondered why a new born baby does NOT “need to be taught” to be bad? No, we don’t need to, it comes to him naturally. In fact, on the flip side you actually have to teach him/her to be good by making a conscious effort.

What does this imply?

Well the fact is this… All of us are born with a sinful nature whether we like it or not. You may say that I am a very good person, but I bet there’s not a day when you don’t have even a “single” bad thought in your head throughout the day…not even one in all your life!

No matter how good a life we lead, we have it in our human nature to disobey God or displease him. A sin is a sin… small (like speaking lies) or big (like murder) . Unfortunately, any kind of sin is punishable in the sight of God and the Bible clearly says that anything unholy cannot enter heaven.

Therefore, all of us need a savior (someone who can save us from our sins) who can take our punishment for the sins we commit in this life, and since God loves us unconditionally, He provided a way for us through ‘Jesus Christ’ whose only agenda was to love, love and love more!

The Bible says in John 3:16 – For God SO loved the world that he gave his one and only Son(Jesus Christ), that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Can a person who does not know how to swim, save someone from drowning? The same way only a sinless man can save a sinner. That is why God Himself (who alone is sinless) had to come to us to save us from our sins.

And mind you no religion can save us from our sins. NO, NOT EVEN CHRISTIANITY. Only the blood of Jesus Christ can save us from our sins and our relationship with Him can take us to heaven because He took our punishment for sin by dying for us on the cross. No wonder He could actually say “I am the way, the truth and the life”

Now there’s more to it… The Bible says, He rose again the third day and is alive now. Otherwise, He would be as good as any other “man”. He proves to be a God who defeats death, the ultimate punishment for sin, by raising Himself to life.

Life on earth is finite, while life after death is forever! Boy, you better get it right before the time is gone…What better place to spend our eternity than in Heaven!

He’s chasing you down with His love to save you… don’t you dare run away. Embrace Him and his unfathomable love and you’ll be good!

Dear Lord Jesus,
Thank you for saving me. My heart and soul are yours now and forever. Use me, guide me, mold me and enfold me with your presence every moment of my life Lord. Help me be a light on a hill for those seeking you. Thank you for making me yours.