Improving Your Skills

Improving Your Skills

Most people in the church community are involved in one way or another. Some can play an instrument; others are great speakers while there are others that are great with technical fields like sound and media. Churches are unique because most people that perform these roles have other responsibilities on weekdays. This is especially true in smaller churches where there are just a handful of people working full time.

If there’s a small church, then every volunteer working hard to improve their skills is key to the church staying fresh and vibrant. This is easier said than done as most people have commitments relating to their work life, families and friends. Setting aside time to work on a specific skill will demand a lot of commitment. More so if the person has reached an intermediate skill level.

So, what can you do if you’re looking to improve and give your best for God? Below are a few simple tips on time management and practice that are sure to help anyone.

Wake Up Early – They say the human mind is at its most functional until 12 pm after which your energy levels start to fall. Working on something early in the morning will ensure your learning efficiently and also means that you have time to spare for the rest of the day.

Practice Smart – Pick one aspect of whatever you’re trying to get better at and work on it till you have sufficiently mastered that skill. For example  A guitarist that’s looking to learn a new scale should practice until he’s mastered it before moving on to the next one.

Patience – Learning something new will always require patience. You will face setbacks and disappointments but if you persevere you’re guaranteed success.

These simple tips are the foundations to becoming better at whatever you do. Whether you’re a musician, leader, sound engineer or anything else, the drive to get better will ensure you’re never satisfied and always strive to achieve the best

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