Youth Alive!
A movement all set to camp out on God’ adventure!!

Compelled by God’ love we search deep within to discover our God-given gifts,
so we can live it right while we’re still young. We believe we’re fitter now, than ever,
to be that ‘city on a hill’ to make a difference!

Milton Raj

Youth Director

Ps Milton Raj started off his ministry as a volunteer from the year 2000 at New Life Assembly of God church alongside his regular job with the ITC Badrachalam and later moved to be a full time minister as a youth leader in 2007.

A man with a passion for young people encouraging them to be ‘word’-ly wise which is the only way to become ‘world’-ly wise, he lives as an example of the same. He aims to build an army that’s fearless, bringing the Kingdom-Culture into every sphere of the competitive world.

He believes that hard work pays off no matter what, when your eyes are fixed on God. He is patient yet quick to discipline his sheep lovingly and ensure they are back on track. Someone who sows his heart and soul into the lives of young people to see them shine for Christ.

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